November 9, 2021

The Pacific Games Council held a virtual General Assembly on 5-6 November 2021, with all 24 member Pacific Games Associations in attendance. This was the first gathering of the Pacific Games Council since the rest day of the 16th Pacific Games in Samoa on Sunday 14 July 2019.

The key outcomes of the two-day meeting were:

  • Tahiti selected over Vanuatu to host the 2027 Pacific Games
  • Executive Board elected for the next term through until 2024: Vidhya Lakhan (Fiji, President), Marcus Stephen (Nauru, Vice President, Sport), Diane Bui-Duyet (New Caldonia, Vice President, Marketing), Tamzin Wardley (Papua New Guinea, Vice President, Finance), Ryan Pini (Papua New Guinea, Athletes’ Representative)
  • Positively received progress reports from the Organising Committees of the upcoming editions of the Games: Northern Mariana Islands Pacific Mini Games 2022, Solomon Islands Pacific Games 2023, Palau Pacific Mini Games 2025
  • In order to keep the overall size of the Games sustainable, the Sports program remains capped at a maximum of 24 sports, 17 of which are now compulsory with the promotion of Archery. No new sports added to the optional list.
  • Further integration of Australia and New Zealand into the Games, with up to 50% of the Solomon Islands 2023 program (12 of the 24 sports) identified for their inclusion
  • Para Sport program increased from two to three: Athletics, Archery, Table Tennis

The Pacific Games Council congratulates Tahiti on its well-deserved victory and sincerely thanks Vanuatu for putting up a strong bid.  The Pacific Games Council will next convene in Saipan on Sunday 19 June 2022 during the rest day of the 11th Pacific Mini Games in the Northern Mariana Islands and wishes its Organising Committee the best of luck as they edge towards final preparations for the Games, where it is hoped that with Covid-19 measures in place, the athletes of the Pacific will once again be able to re-convene.